Published June 29, 2014 by rochellewisoff


I’ve often claimed to be my own anecdote.  But if I can’t laugh at myself…and so on and so on and Scooby dooby dooby do.  

            Although I don’t like to share my physical trials and tribulations, sometimes a situation presents itself that’s too ridiculous not to share. For example, some may recall post about my minute clinic excursion for a mouth ulcer last year that led to a trip to the ER for an abnormally low heart rate.  

            My story begins during the last week of April when I slipped and stubbed my left big toe before going of to work. I thought nothing much of it as I donned my shoe. No bruise, no swelling.  It was uncomfortable but not unbearable the rest of the day. Imagine my shock and amazement when I removed my shoe that afternoon. 

X-rays showed that I’d fractured it at the top joint. 

Left Toe

            A month later, another x-ray showed that my poor broken digit hadn’t healed. My sentence was another four weeks in the stylish, open toed “oxford.” Ironically I haven’t had much pain with this one. For this I’ve been thankful.

            This brings me to this past Friday morning. As I blissfully stepped out of the tub after a refreshing shower I banged my right toe against the sliding-door track. Sharp pain. But I’ve done that before many times over. Nothing to worry about, right?

Broken toe two

            Instead of subsiding, the pain grew steadily worse as did the swelling and discoloration. By yesterday morning (Saturday) it had swollen more. My husband insisted on taking me to the local ER.

            Before all was said and done I warned the ER nurses about my heart rate which for me is normal. (49 for those curious readers.)

            A tech came in and snapped four different x-ray views. I prayed for a diagnosis of simple bruising. Go home put ice on it.

            No such luck.

In the ER

            The PA came back and showed me one of the x-rays on her iPhone. A lovely little fracture in the middle of the joint where foot meets toe.

            So I look forward to returning to work Tuesday wearing not one, but two, ortho boots.

photo 2 (5)

            Sigh. Off to take my pain meds.







145 comments on “Toemageddon

  • Poor little piggies! If there is a bright side to any of this (besides the pain meds), at least it is summer, and your toes won’t freeze as they heal in those lovely open-toed ortho boots. I would suggest, however, that you start shopping around for some steel-toed boots. Sounds like you might need them once you’ve finished with the ortho ones. 😉 Best wishes for a speedy recovery.


    • Dear Michelle,

      I’ve been thinking of designing some bubble wrap socks. 😉
      Thanks for the well wishing. Much appreciated. I figure if I can laugh about it it lessens the pity party attendance.




  • As my French-Canadian b-i-l might say, “What’s dat all a-boot, eh?” Thank goodness for non-prescription meds! Be glad they weren’t two of your fingers, I guess, a worse fate for a writer. Heal quickly and I’ll raise a glass of pain meds to you as well.



  • You poor dear. I have broken my toe before and it HURTS! I had to take off work because I couldn’t put my shoe on (I work in a factory where steel toed shoes are required). My co-workers made fun of me for getting out of work over a stubbed toe but it was no joke. I’m glad your pain is minimal and I hope you heal a little quicker than you have been. good news is you are out of big toes to injure 😉


    • Dear Dawn,

      Fortunately my job is in a bakery where they’re tolerant of my fashionable footwear. Oddly enough both of my injuries happened at home.

      Number 2 break does hurt worse that Number 1. Guess it’s the location.

      No doubt I’ll be the butt of a lot of jokes. I’ll make sure I write them down. 😉

      Thank you.




      • Coincidentally I broke mine in a bakery!
        Not really. It was a pretzel factory in Pennsylvania. I cut the corner to sharp and stubbed it n their nice little rock wall lining the entrance. And mine was the pinky toe. Seems like a bog toe would hurt more. But I don’t want to find out!
        Put your feet up and enjoy your weekend!
        ~ Dawn


    • Dear Sandra,

      All kidding aside, this sucks. To top it off, a storm hit after we got home and we were five hours plus without power. At any rate, without internet I sat and read a book. One with real pages. 😉

      Thank you.

      Shalom and Cheers,



  • They really do make those ortho shoes as dreadful as possible, don’t they? My diabetic friend is supposed to wear them all the time – he can’t feel his feet at all and keeps damaging them. Hope you return to what passes for normal soon.


    • Dear Liz,

      The ortho shoes aren’t made for style, that’s for sure I can’t imagine having to wear them all the time. I’m hoping not to have to carry this extra five pounds around for the next 6-8 weeks.

      Thank you for your good wishes.




  • So sorry over your broken toe troubles and pain. Hope you heal fast. I bet your happy it wasn’t your fingers, huh? That would hurt too, not being able to draw, write and type and create your cake masterpieces.


  • At the risk of putting my foot in my mouth, which would be less painful than my lovely wife’s toe, I feel her pain. At least the doctor agreed with the pain medicine. A glass of wine. 🙂


  • Omg.
    This reminds me of two times my Dad has hurt his feet. His fingers are absolutely massive so he asks me to just check them every so often and being the Lil chiropodist I am, I usually agree and help him.
    On one occasion he was wearing man-sandals and decided it’d be the perfect type of footwear to take the wheelie bins out in. The wheelie bin went over his left foot and it had stolen his entire toenail in the process.
    The second time took place three week after he lost his left toenail to a bin.. he was heading into the kitchen from the living room and he managed to kick the corner of a marvel hearth, thus splitting his right big toe open and it was gushing!


    • Dear Amanda,

      It sounds like your dad and I have a lot in common. I personally love to go barefoot. Maybe that’s not such a great idea for me.

      Thanks for dropping by. I feel a little better about myself now.




      • 🙂 I’m glad you feel better about yourself.
        I still help him And my partner with her toes. I don’t know what it is about the experience I’ve had looking after my Dads … But it comes in handy.
        I just like to help people. And its been a way of helping people Not get infections. I remove a lot of ingrowings, a lot of broken nails (yes, my partner is also one for stunning her toes.. then she gets me to check them ahaha)


  • Dear Rochelle
    Ouch ouch ouch, painful.
    The idea of you in not one but two ortho shoes brings a smile, sorry, sexy footwear they are not!!
    Please hurry up and get better, I’ll rise a glass to you later
    Take care


    • Dear Dee,

      As a couple have already mentioned, at least it wasn’t my hands. I can still write.

      I’ll be sure to wear the right socks with these devilish creations. 😉

      Thank you for the well wishes. They mean a lot.




  • Dear Rochelle,

    I quite literally feel your pain. Since the bone in the left toe hasn’t healed well have they suggested an ultrasonic bone stimulator? I use mine twice a day and it has helped tremendously. Hair, skin and nail supplements help too. I’ll pray for you my sweet friend. Take care and I wish you a speedy recovery.



  • Now you have a matching pair of shoes! Your poor toes, I hope they mend quickly and you’ll be back on your feet in your regular shoes in no time. My little toes are the ones that take a beating. I’m surprised they haven’t run away from home.


      • Ugh–yeah. I had a (somewhat heavy) friend land the top of the arch of my foot when we both went for the ball in a volleyball game in my 20s, and it turned some unusual colours. (The foot, not the volleyball.) Then about three weeks later, I was helping my father with something and he dropped a plank–not on the opposite foot, but the same one! I didn’t get the foot checked out either time, which I guess (somehow?) worked out okay in my 20s. I don’t think I could get away with it now, though!

        I’m glad you have a sense of humour about your situation. It looks REALLY painful!


  • Dear Rochelle,

    I wish you speedy healing. I have had a broken toe before, so I have some idea of how painful it is.

    One good thing came from this post; I didn’t know you decorate cakes. You are truly creative with your brain and hands.



  • OH NO! Poor toesies! I’m so sorry….but like was said earlier, at least it isn’t winter. You little feet will not freeze in your “peep toe” attire! LOL! I hope you are on the mend quickly! So glad it isn’t your fingers..! 🙂


    • Dear Courtney,

      There’s always a bright side, isn’t there? However, at work I do have to occasionally get something from the walk-in freezer which gets nippy. At least I don’t have to stay long.

      And yes, better toes than fingers 😉

      Thank you for the good wishes.




  • And I thought I had been in the wars lately! Rochelle, according to Louise Hay, toes represent the minor details of the future. Perhaps you could try her recommended affirmation, ‘All details take care of themselves.’ All the best and Shalom!


  • So sorry to hear of your mishaps! I have had a couple that involves toes. Only was was my little toe both times. The first was on a New Year’s Eve. Another staff member ran over it with a stretcher with a patient on it. It was an accident, of course.:-) It was black and blue underneath. I didn’t get it xray as there is nothing you can do about the little toe. It hurt for months! The 2nd time my little toe got dislocated because my partner and I ran into each other. His BIG toe jammed in between the toes. I snapped it back in place myself, taped it to the next one and iced it. It hurt for weeks! A long story, I know. Sorry. Heal soon.



  • You poor thing. I just read this. Good thoughts and best wishes flying your way. Wearing a boot is no fun. I’ll keep my not-to-be-used index finger, thank you. Typing’s a bear, but not painful. 🙂


    • Dear Claudette,

      All good thoughts and wishes are welcome. What happened to your finger???

      The boot will be a challenge at work, I’m sure. Not to mention a conversation piece.

      Thank you for coming by.




      • Not injured, just not usable for 24 hrs. Oxy monitor. Hard to type when you have a big thing attached to the end of your digit. LOL I suppose I could think of it in reverse. I always have a big wrist attached to the other end of my fingers and somehow manage every day. 😀 I feel foe you and the boot, though. I’ll be wearing one soon enough after foot surgery.

        My best to you.


  • Well, I’ve heard about people who will do just about anything to get attention, but this really is taking it a little too far, Rochelle. I think this adventure must surely give you food for a new book though. I can see it now: the story of a 60-something amateur sleuth whose most important case comes up while she’s stuck in two ortho-boots — but — intrepid detective that she is — she will not let that fact get in her way of solving the crime …..
    You go, girl!


    • Dear Sandra,

      As you know, it’s all about the attention. I guess my right toe was feeling left out.

      Your idea for a book sounds interesting. At any rate my two ortho boots could end up in a flash fiction. 😉

      Thank you for dropping by with comments that make me smile.




  • Well you did what I couldnt achieve in my more than 4 decades of living – in spite all my efforts I have not been able to break any bone. Dislocations – torn muscle – injured ligaments all yes but no broken bones. So I guess I should envy you! 🙂

    on the flip side – I suggest you get the Dawn’s work shoes (with steel toes) and wear them always.. might help after you heal ! 😉


    • Dear Indrajitch,

      It seems I have two more decades on you. The left toe was the first bone I’d ever broken in all that time. Now I have two to my credit. However, steel toed shoes are impractical in the shower. 😉

      Thank you for your comments.




  • I know exactly how you feel. I used to walk around the house with no slippers on, until my fourth toe on right foot found one of the legs of an octagonal table. I howled in pain, and it turned out to be the first bone I had ever broken. Fast forward a couple of years and we were laminating the floor. I am so glad I wore slippers. I stood on a piece of laminate with one foot and kicked it with the other. Apparently I did not swear which, considering the pain, was a miracle. That saw my second ever break. This time my third toe on my left foot. A year later, I was wearing steel toe cap boots, and I stubbed my foot into a pot hole and my foot slammed into the front of the steel toecap. Another howling pain. This time it was the big toe on my right foot. That was the messiest of them all. I kept the toenail for a while as well. It is still at a funny angle now.

    Thankfully [touch wood] it has been at least five years since the last mishap, and I can’t walk as fast as I did then.


    • Dear Al,

      The left toe was the first bone I’d ever broken. Now in two months I have two to my credit.

      From your story it doesn’t sound like steel toes are the answer. I am a die-hard barefoot girl. And to my defense, shoes are highly impractical in the shower. 😉

      Working in the boot is a major challenge and I’m hoping today is better than yesterday. (Heaves heavy sigh of self pity).

      Thank you for sharing your story. I don’t feel quite so alone.




      • When I created a profile for my XBOX, I chose the name “Neurotic Toe”, then after a while of not doing any damage, I changed it to “Tungsten Toe”, and after that last one, it is now “Lopsided Toe” 😀

        Yeah, I think I tend to not wear shoes in the shower as well, it kind of defeats the object 😀


  • Oi! What a strange series of misfortunes that are unpleasant and uncomfortable, to say the very least. It certainly gives one pause for thought – we tend to take our feet and toes for granted most of the time — and yet, it it wasn’t for the toes, we would fall over.

    Hoping for less pain and more healing for you.


  • equilibrium
    the right piggy joined the left
    new fashion in shoes

    So sorry to hear about your big toe misfortunes! I know it mustn’t feel as funny as it sounds. Get well soon!


    • Dear Nan,

      Actually the boots don’t match. One’s sort of a sandal, the other’s one of those horrid knee high contraption that’s totally throwing off what little balance I have.

      Thank you for the well wishes.




    • Funny, I never could pirouette before. 😉 Actually I could…still can…a little dicey with the boots but if I set my mind to it…

      Thanks for the well wishes, Subroto. Much appreciated.




  • Aw – poor Rochelle! At least your feet will match now in your stylish boots. Which look very clunky and awkward to walk in.

    I hope your toes don’t hurt too much…yay for pain medicine 😉


    • Dear Sharon,

      Actually, my stylish boots don’t match. One’s all the way to the knee, the other’s sort of a boxy sandal. (Oh, m’darlin’ Clementiiiiiinnne) They are awkward but I have to admit the second toe hurts worse than the first. I guess it’s due to the location of the fracture. The boot does make it feel better.

      Thanks for stopping by.




  • Rochelle,

    Oh. My. God!

    Two for one special . . only not the kind of special you wanted! I have to say, there ARE easier ways to coordinate, yanno?

    Now THAT is a toe story!

    And I love your Sauvignon Blanc remedy.



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  • Dear Rochelle,

    I just read Marco’s post, and saw you had commented, couldn’t help but read it and come here… Good Grief, Woman!!

    I’m trying not to laugh, honest I am… Since it is 4.5 years ago, I should be allowed. Right?

    Lotsa love,


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  • Sorryless sent me here – and Rochelle, oh my gosh – the pictures bring the story to life – this really ins a unique and funny event (and sorry for the pain) – whoa – the one photo shows how bruised it was and up into the foot –

    Liked by 1 person

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