3 April 2015

Published April 1, 2015 by rochellewisoff

Flowers from the Hill Thoreau

Erie Canal

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The following photo is the PHOTO PROMPT and comes from Lauren Moscato by way of Amy Reese. What does it say to you? Watch your step and tell us a story in one hundred words or less.  

Lauren Moscato

PHOTO PROMPT © Lauren Moscato

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Genre: Realistic Fiction

Word Count: 100


Bevy was a splash of color on God’s palette. When it came to interior design and giving parties, she was an artist without equal.

            Every Monday we met for dinner with Bevy and George. On one such night we compared house-hunting woes.  

            “You should see the monstrosity George liked,” she said with a pained grimace. “Metal walls and a window air conditioner in every room.”

            “Hey,” he said with a shrug, “it’s big enough for entertaining.”

            A week later we learned she’d been keeping a secret.

            Today heaven’s awash with color and celebration while my world’s become a dingier place.



111 comments on “3 April 2015

  • She sounded like one feisty lady. And I agree with Snow’s Fissures and Fractures, this is a wonderful tribute to a person who obviously bought Joy to a lot of people.


    • Dear Doug,

      I can imagine that the walls of her mansion in heaven are filled with paintings and sconces. The candles are burning for her. And I am smiLing at Your comment.

      Uoht knay ym dneirf.




    • Dear Sandra,

      Once more I’m pleased to see your story among the FF lineup. You give us class and show us how a story should be written.

      Thank you for taking the time to read and comment on my story. I’m pleased that it spoke to you as Bevy spoke (and still speaks) to me.



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  • This was warm and lovely.
    Went to a college reunion last weekend and discovered whether you’re a judge, a CEO or like me you teach 10 year-olds struggling with their Maths, there’s only one person you can happily be and one person it’s worthwhile trying to be – and that’s yourself.
    Your friend sounded very happy in her own skin – a great friend and a great loss.


  • I was so focussed on the image that I had to read the story three times for it to click. Sometimes one can be “slow” as I was!
    Lovely tribute!


  • A sad tale this week Rochelle, but positive one as well. When you’re missing someone, it can be hard to remember the brightness they brought with them, but its worth the effort.

    As always very well written, the splash of colour brought phrase was a great shortcut for generating an image your friend’s bright character.

    Well done.


  • “Today heaven’s awash with color and celebration while my world’s become a dingier place.” This line left me with a taste of glory and a twinge of sadness. Hugs.


    • Dear Liz,

      Bevy is definitely missed, but the Monday night dinners have continued with George and then a year ago with his new girlfriend, now fiance.

      Thank you for your lovely comments.




  • Dear Rochelle,
    It often seems the true stories written for Friday Fictioneers come off even better than the fine fiction tales we write. That’s definitely the case here. You made your friend come to life once again in this excellent flash. The photos at the end add even more to the post.

    Marie Gail

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    • Dear Marie Gail,

      I did bill it as realistic fiction, but only because I scrunched the time frame. And really, Bevy didn’t know she had cancer until two days before she died. It all happened so suddenly…for all of us.

      They say ‘write what you know,’ don’t they?

      Thank you.



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  • Bevy is a lovely name for a lovely woman who obviously brightened your world with color, laughter and friendship. I picture her in heaven with a paintbrush painting everything with amazing glorious colors that are too “heavenly” for us to see here on earth. Hugs to you Rochelle for sharing your friend with all of us. I’m sorry you had to lose one of your bright spots here on earth.


    • Dear Joy,

      I have a similar vision of Bevy in heaven. She’s instructing the angels as to where to hang her paintings and odd bits of decoration on her mansion walls. I’m glad I got to know her and miss her terribly.

      Thank you for taking the time to read and leave such a nice comment.



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  • Dear Mae Westburg,
    I think I’ll be more like the little fart that’s stinking up heaven when I get there. Bevy sounds like a lovely soul and a real joy to be around. Thanks for sharing such a lovely and personal memory.
    – Biff Scallywag


  • Dear Rochelle
    It’s so wonderful if you can remember someone in colour. Often, the colour fades out of people long before they pass on, so it becomes impossible to remember them other than in monochrome.

    Bevy sounds as if she was a treasure on earth, long before she ascended to her mansion above. No wonder you miss her so much.

    All best wishes,


    • Dear Sarah,

      Bevy never lost her flare for imaginative parties and decorations. I find it amusing, if not ironic, that Doug’s story was about a trompe-l’oei’l and Bevy painted one in her entryway. Right above her front door she painted it to look like there was a huge crack in the wall with the bricks showing through. It fooled me the first time I saw it.

      I do miss her.

      Thank you for your perceptive comments.



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  • Dear Rochelle

    What a lovely poignant tribute to you friend, I’m sure she is smiling down on you. Some people touch our lives in such a way that things will never be the same again and we never forget them.

    Thank you for sharing

    Best wishes



  • This was a wonderful tribute to a well loved friend, Rochelle. You paint her as such a vibrant and colourful lady who did not want to burden her friends with her health issues. I am so sorry for your loss.


    • Dear Millie,

      Although the part about her keeping a secret alluding to her cancer is the fictitious part. However she never really let on how much pain she was actually in. So I’d say it’s a fair assessment to say that she didn’t want to burden her friends.

      She passed away so suddenly four years ago. The bottom photo was taken less than a week before she passed away.

      Thank you for you kind comments.




  • The first sentence says all about Bevy… how cheerful she must have been. And the last sentence also shows a kind of vacuum now created after loosing her. Such a wonderful tribute, Rochelle. There are some people who just want to spread joy.


  • A beautiful tribute to someone who obviously held a special place in your heart.
    I love color and feel it rules my life. I would be thrilled if my epitaph contained some mention of color. Friends do leave footprints in our hearts. My condolences to her family and you.
    Love and Light


    • Dear Isadora,

      As a fellow artist, I’m sure you could relate well to the color. Bevy passed away four years ago. It was sudden for she really didn’t know the secret herself.(That’s why I can call this piece ‘fiction’. 😉 ) The lower picture was taken less than a week before. There’s a place for her on my palette that no one else can occupy.

      Thank you for reading and commenting. (Sorry it’s taken me this long to reply. I’m woefully behind.)




  • Beautifully told. The details about the dinners, the house-hunting and Bevy’s warmth and colour all bring her to life in your story. You must have enjoyed remembering her as you wrote this. Cheers, Marg.


    • Dear Margaret,

      We always have a laugh over the house with all the air conditioners. The way she told the story made it even more fun. Lots of memories. Bevy was a great supporter of my writing, I’m sure she enjoyed this one.

      Thank you.




  • Dear Rochelle,

    From title to ending, a lovely, loving, and stirring tribute to your friend, Bevy. And I’m sorry that the rainbow has now lost vital bits of its brilliance owing to her passing. Great, heart-hitting realistic fiction as ever, Rochelle.

    Peaceful wishes to you,


    • Dear Leigh,

      Honestly, the only fiction in this is the time frame. But I guess that still qualifies. 😉 It was four years ago and she’s still as close in my mind and heart as ever.

      Thank you for taking the time to read and comment.



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  • Love the post…..especially love the header: Growing older is inevitable. Growing up is optional. It sounds and looks like Bevy would agree with this. It’s exactly why in my about I write, “I choose rejuvenatement, not retirement”. Enjoy your blog immensely!


  • Dear Lillian,

    Rejuvenate. I like that. I have six months to go before my time of rejuvenation. My job gets in the way of my career as it is. I’m so pleased that you came by to read and left a comment.

    Thank you.




  • Rochelle,

    Here’s a question for you. I’d like to publish some of my 100-word stories in a collection for Amazon. Are we able to use the pics too if we give credit to the photographer?

    Shirley McCann

    Sent from Windows Mail


    • Hi Shirley,

      Nice to see you here, even if it wasn’t to compliment my story. 😉

      In answer to your question, you’d have to ask each individual photographer. I know Madison wanted some remuneration in return for her photos. I can’t speak for each one. Best wishes for your collection. As for any of mine that might be included, feel free to use them with credits.




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