1 March 2019

Published February 27, 2019 by rochellewisoff

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I hope the new format for the inLinkz works. Just click on the froggy.  I’ve put the update off for a month. Don’t you love updates? I think I’ve done this right. I’m still resisting the new WordPress dashboard. 😉 In any event, after wrestling with the new inLinkz format, here’s my ‘story’ for this week.

Genre: Hysterical Fiction

Word Count: 100


“It’s not what you look at that matters…,” said Sandra.

“…it’s what you see,” said Shrawley.

“Our Fairy Blog Mother posts it almost every week like it’s highly significant or something.” Russell repositioned his clown nose while his pooch, Liza Jane, warbled a tune. “Ask Louisa May Alcott Wisoff-Fields yourself.”

“You yanks are so obtuse,” fumed Ali. “Don’t you see the flying saucer over the market?”

“Pfft!” Dale rolled her eyes. “Give it up.”  

Rochelle’s frustration mounted. “The prompt is a mere suggestion. Use your imaginations, please.”

“Oooh. Now I see it.” Russell pointed to the Coors sign. “Bottoms up.”   


133 comments on “1 March 2019

  • Well, I don’t see a flying saucer! But I sure had a good laugh.

    I’ve finally got the new WP editor figured out, I think, but I still don’t like it. Wish they’d quit telling me what to do. Just give me a blank page and I’ll fill it in, without all the prompting. I hope Linky isn’t going to give us all fits. Took me a while to figure out the old one.

    I Think this is a good example of “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” 🙂

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  • I see positivity 🙂
    Smart use of the quote. “It’s not what you look at that matters…it’s what you see.”
    Had loved the quote when I first read it in your blog, Rochelle.
    Thanks for making us “see” so much every week- one photo prompt & so many stories! 🙂
    Have a great week.

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    • Dear Anita,

      After last week’s rather somber story, a bit of levity seemed to be in order. I’m glad you enjoyed it. Thank you so much for your kind and affirming comment. It’s why I keep this challenge going. 😀




    • Dear Iain,

      Thank you for such kind words. You have me grinning from ear to ear. On the other hand, it takes all of us to make the challenge a success. So I’m very grateful for your weekly participation. 😀 Glad you didn’t have trouble with the new inLinikz format. I did bring the frog to my page. Thank you.



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    • Dear Ronda,

      I still laugh about the saltstone comment. It was time to write something fun. I’m awaiting Russell’s rebuttal. He’s assured me there will be one. 😀 Gotta love it! Thank you, my friend. Always happy to see you in Purpleville.



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  • Fun story! 🙂 I prefer pizza to flying saucers, myself….
    Here’s my contribution:
    To be honest, I did not like the new Linky-thingy. I had to sign up (again?!) and it didn’t let me put in my blog’s logo nor recognize my website on its own (though it always had in the past). I ended up having to locate my author photo in my media and post that–it does not automatically recognize my website in spite of many earlier additions. Not sure what’s up with THAT. 😦
    Oh well.

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    • Na’ama Y’karah,

      I did find you in the inLInkz and then poof you were gone. I can’t speak into what’s gone awry. I had no trouble uploading a photo. I personally enjoyed seeing your face.

      At any rate, happy you like my story. I felt the need for fun this week. 😉



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      • Yes, I’m having trouble with the link. I won’t recognize any of the links I uploaded in the past and won’t upload my website thumbnail or the website’s name. UGH.
        I’ve contacted their customer service and hopefully they’ll help resolve this. One of the reasons I don’t like updates is that they often mess up more than they upgrade … Na’ama

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          • She’s chatting with me, but so far no real answers. She told me how to add my name to the caption, but not why it won’t show my thumbnail or even how to do it, nor where all my other links are (she says they’re not lost, but I can’t see them anyplace, so I’m not sure what she means). Can you tell technical snafus make me cranky? 😉

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              • I had to upload and trim another photo (it still won’t recognize my website thumbnail) but at least I “look like myself” (blog-wise) now … 😉 Maria was patient and said she’d pass on some comments for improvement/fixes (apparently the new platform indeed does NOT automatically bring up website’s thumbnails nor recognize the website in the title, so unless you manually put your blog’s name next to the caption of the title, only the name of the POST would show). They have some fixing to do … but after over an hour, we figured out how to troubleshoot my specific post and re-post it (three time’s the charm …) 😉
                I’m working on un-crankying myself … 😉

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                • I hope you’ve un-crankied by now. 😉 I’m glad you and Maria were able to sort things out. She’s a good person to work with and had to walk me through a few things this morning. As long as we’re all surfing the same learning curl it’s all good.



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                • Dale helped de-crank me some, and chocolate never fails, and cute kids help, too. I’ll be fine … I survived a LOT worse than a Mr. Froggy let down. 😉
                  For the long run, I’m sure they’ll resolve some of these issues. For this morning, this was a lesson in patience — what I assumed would take a moment, too a lot longer, but this is often part of life, too.
                  Apparently, I’ve still got a bit to learn in the Zen department, which is all part of life, as well.
                  But … what did you say about SURFING? We’re SURFING? Why didn’t anyone say anything about SURFING? I need my bathing suit, and a surf board, and my sun glasses, and a snack (in case I get hangry hanging on for dear life on that CURL), and a good book (ditto), and Gorilla Glue (because I don’t think I can stay on that board without it) and … 😉

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  • Ha ha, now that is so apposite because when I saw the photo I sighed to myself and thought: oh dear, another ‘american’ photo of a place I know nothing about. And I decided not to attempt a story this week. You’ve now thrown down the gauntlet!

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    • Dear Susan,

      There are plenty of American places I know nothing about. 😉 I’m pleased to know I’ve thrown down the gauntlet and look forward to your story. Thank you for laughing at my silliness. 😀




    • Dear Liz,

      Over time I have gotten to know Dale pretty well through blogging, Facebook and Skype. Gotta love technology. Russell and Sandra were already part of Friday Fictioneers when I started in April 2012. I’ve had the joy of getting to know Russell and his wife Connie in person. Say what you will about the curse of the internet and I’ll come back with a few blessings. I’m replying to one of those now. 😀 As for the update, we’ll get used to it, I think. Thank you for reading and commenting.




  • Cackling laughter ensues… now, how am I EVER gonna top that hilarity! 🙂 ❤ Back later, maybe morning. The littles wore me out today. 15, under the age of 4…need I say more.

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  • Wow I feel like Ive won an Oscar! an honourable mention in your story had me grinning ear to ear on my way to work and so this afternoon I squeezed in a “swift half”on my way home in cider country by way of celebration.
    Honestly Gob-Smacked thank you for putting up with all of us and for keeping on keeping on. The most fun you can have with your clothes on!! Nearly…

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    • Dear Shrawley,

      I nearly fell off my chair laughing at your comment. You have quickly become an A-List Friday Fictioneer in my book. You’re one of the reasons I’m into my 7th year of doing this challenge I inherited. It continues to be one of my passions. Thank you so much!!!



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    • I’m having similar problems. You have to tell firefox to accept from the inlinx thingy. Then you can read and comment. Good luck trying to post your link though. It keeps telling me I don’t exist.


      • Hubby talked me throiugh the exceptions bit for pop ups and I caught up with everyone last night. I managed to upload mine by setting up my email address and a new password. I verified it in my mail box and all seems to be OK. Will be intresting to see if I have a problem the next time I use the blue frog.
        They so like to update things, don’t they. Good luck!

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        • I used my facebook page to verify to be able to post. I hate updates, even good ones. Just when you have the hang of using an interface, they change it. UGH! We’ll have to see how next week goes. 🙂

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  • Hehe, what a fun tale. I had to restrain myself from writing about the flying saucer myself, but I managed. The new InLinkz though… grrrrr… sure, change what works well into something… something.

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    • Dear Gabi,

      From a facilitator’s standpoint, I’m still learning my way around the new inLinkz. In some ways it’s easier for me. I remember the last upgrade. I had a problem with it, too. At any rate, I’m getting to know the customer service person. 😉
      After last week’s heavyweight, something fun was just the ticket. Thank you.



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      • Ah, I’m just mad that I can’t edit the image any longer with the number as I did in the past. Maybe that’s still possible in a different way, but I have to figure it out first. I also don’t use the new WordPress editor. 🙂

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  • The prompt called for a little more imagination than I had at my disposal this week, but your light-hearted take made me smile. My attempts with the new linky were somewhat problematic so I think I made three appearances on the squares before I got it right. Have hopefully recovered my photo link now.

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    • Dear Sandra,

      I’m happy to make you smile. I apologize for the linky challenge. I think we’ll all get the hang of it eventually. Thanks for not giving up on it. And thank you for reading and commenting. 😀




  • A great story of what you see in the photo. The FF community is indeed becoming quite a family. I can’t imagine what a party of all this talent would be like. However, I do know it would be long, and entertaining. I love all the feedback today and, read all the comments. I only wish I had the time to read everyone’s links. For those who may not know, the Fairy Blogmother spends the majority of her day trying to read every one’s comments and as many links as she can. I don’t know how she does it but her motivation is out of this world. But not on a flying saucer. Although, I do have photos of our private meeting in Roswell with some interesting aliens. Carry on y’all.

    Liked by 3 people

    • Dear Jan,

      Perhaps one day you’ll join the fun and write a flash fiction of your own. 😉 This has been a lot of fun already even though there’s been some grousing about the new inLinkz format. This, too, shall pass. Thanks, m’luv. ❤

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  • Looks like a fun gathering with some of my favorite virtual acquaintances. I hope the beer is not virtual–actually, I hope the beer is a different beer, or perhaps instead a nice Malbec…As for seeing things in this picture, the name Thoreau definitely stuck out for me, with visions of man surviving in Nature,the minimalist ethic, which I admire, but cannot seem to practice in real life, and civil disobedience 😊.

    Thanks for making such fun and learning possible Rochelle. Here’s to you!🍷

    Liked by 2 people

    • Dear Andrea,

      I’m partial to a good Sauvignon Blanc myself. 😉 Actually Jean, who lives in Las Cruces NM, took that photo with me in mind since the FF “mantra” is a Thoreau quote. I would dearly love to have a physical gathering of my FFFriends. Meanwhile…Thank you.



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  • Dear Louisa May Alcott W(T)F,

    That store looks like a great place for a FFF banquet. Let’s hope they have a pool table and juke box to go along with the cigarette machine.

    Here’s to empty wine glasses all around.

    Liked by 2 people

  • To be honest here, with regard to the issue of content, the disjunctive perturbation of the negative space endangers the devious simplicity of the remarkable handling of light. (That is surely a light beer sign).

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  • Dear Lynn,

    So far a few Skype sessions is all I’ve managed to muster and a couple of face to face meetings here and there. A meeting of all of us would be so much fun. Thank you.




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